Rope Workout

Rope Workout

Bored with your training? Try a battle rope workout. It engages pretty much every major body part, and is a fun alternative to the regular gym routine.

Why did I purchase a rope? I train someone who has some attention issues. Basically, she gets bored easily. Aside from that issue, it is over 100 degrees here on most summer days and our outdoor warm-ups have become grueling for her. I needed some indoor fun activities, so I checked out rope exercises.

I hesitated at first because this client is a senior (though in GREAT shape), and to be honest with you, the shipping costs were as high as the actual item costs. I decided to look on my trusted Amazon, and I found a 30 foot rope for under $40 including shipping. For this price, I was sold.

Today was our first rope training session. I limited the training to about 10 minutes because it was really hard, and engaged some muscles I am sure she was not aware she had. I didn’t want to create any soreness.

My client had a BLAST, and she kept telling me how hard it was. This is great news, because this particular client LOVES a challenge. It is better news, because her abdominal muscles are so strong that it is really hard to engage them to exhaustion. (There are some physical limitations that limit her to certain exercises).

OK., So what’s my point? My point is simple: Try something new. It maybe outside your comfort zone, but isn’t that OK? We get so accustomed to doing the same thing over and over again, that it’s important to break up the routine for both our minds and our bodies. Did you get that last part? Your MIND is important to engage as well as your bodies.

I will conclude my diatribe by challenging you to try something totally outside of your own box. Buy a new gadget. Try something that only those really big MMA guys do. Of course, I must also add that you need to add these exercises slowly and safely. Seek physicians’ clearance if it is something you are unsure of, or if you are a novice exerciser. Safety first. Remember: FOCUS and FORM!

Happy Workouts,

Shereen Rios BAS, CPT for Focus and Form Fitness

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