New Year’s Fun

New Year’s Fun

Happy New Year 2016

This year, we had an exceptionally fun New Year’s Eve. For me in particular, the fact that I stayed up past 8pm. was a major miracle. Imagine the fun I was having when at 2am, I called it quits.

What made this year so special?

Firstly, it was my first New Year as Mrs. Rios. To me, after 50 years, to finally get it right was quite an accomplishment. Secondly, I cooked up a storm. I went with a Greek theme, and just went wild. Of course, the fact that my favorite room in the house is the kitchen, played into my joy.  I took everyday recipes and just turned them Greek. I made Greek salsa by adding Kalamata olives and Greek herbs. I made Greek grilled shrimp by marinating in lemon and Greek spices, etc. Of course, I also had to make a spanikopita, hummus, and homemade tortilla chips, but that’s just me running with a theme. I tend to do that.

At 8pm, Pedro and I were still alone. At 8:10, that all changed when another couple showed up. We had socialized a couple of times before, but this was New Year’s Eve. We quickly settled into a night of great conversation, silly pictures, and watching fireworks. After a while, my friend’s Mother and son showed up to join us. We all sat around laughing and sharing stories. The next thing I knew, it was 2am.

We woke up the next day to what looked like a Fraternity house on a Sunday morning. In no particular rush to clean it all up, we did it a little at a time. It all got done, the house was back to normal, and we grazed on leftovers that day.

What made this year so special is simple: The people involved. We did not leave the house. People came to us, and we all had a great New Year’s Eve and had the feeling that we were blessed to be together.

There is a lesson to be learned from this, or at least a lesson that was reemphasized to me: It isn’t WHAT you do, but WHO you do it with.

Happy New Year,

Shereen Rios  for Pedro Rios and Focus and Form Fitness

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