Hurricane Smarts

Hurricane Smarts

This was the scene at most South Florida stores yesterday morning. We heard that the threat of a major storm was being discussed and as usual, people went crazy.


I have no objections to people making sure they have enough basic supplies for their families, but the amount of surplus supplies was embarrassing. In fact, sheer gluttony prevented many people from getting bare essentials. By the time I got to the stores (at 11am), there was no water, no canned meats, no canned beans, and basically nothing ready to eat that did not require refrigeration.


I saw plenty of people walking around with carts full of just water. Some of them, I knew so I stopped and asked them who they were shopping for. They replied that they were only shopping for themselves. The store had already announced that they were out of water. Common decency would have dictated to rational human beings that perhaps they did not need 15 cases of water for two people, but that was not the case. I found people’s carts to be very selfish in nature.


Amazon to the rescue once again. As soon as I saw the shelves were bare (and this is a MAJOR retailer), I ordered essentials from Amazon to be delivered to me on Thursday (plenty of time for the storm). I used my phone, and immediately placed the order.


What is the point of this diatribe? There are three:


  1. Please think of others in times of emergency. We will not be out of running water for the rest of our lives, and we do not need 50 cans of tuna fish per person.
  2. PLAN AHEAD! As good as I always think I am with this, I hate to over prepare. I was really caught with my proverbial pants down. We don’t have ample storage space, so keeping supplies year round is really not practical. However, I really should have had more staples than I had. Live and learn yet again.
  3.  ALWAYS have a back-up plan. In this case, it was Amazon for me.

Stay safe, be smart, and above all, PLEASE be kind to each other.


With Profound Respect,

Shereen Rios BAS, CPT for Focus and Form Fitness

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