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It’s summer, and it’s hot, hot, hot. What goes better with summer than ice cream? The only issue with that options is the calorie laden treat offerings. Here’s another option for you, and these treats are inexpensive as well as healthful for you. All you need is some fresh fruit, Greek yogurt if you want, and popsicle molds. These molds can be purchased at most variety stores (Wal-mart, Target, etc), or even at your favorite grocery store.

There is really no recipe here. Just put the fruit in a bowl, and crush it with a fork. You can use a mini food processor or a stick blender if you want to really make it easy. Add yogurt if you want for a creamier consistency. This will add some calories, but the calorie count will be nowhere close to most ice cream brands.

You can add the calories yourself, by adding the calories of your ingredients together. If you want to add protein powder, you can do that as well. Sugar free, fat free pudding also makes great frozen treats. I add protein powder to the chocolate flavors, and make them with non-fat milk. They are delicious, and a great way for me to add protein to my diet in a fun way. The possibilities are endless, so have fun. Using seasonal fruits is usually the most economic and flavorful way to make these treats.

Happy Eating!

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