The Hurricane that Wasn’t

The Hurricane that Wasn’t

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For the first time in years, I actually decided to prepare for the hurricane threat.

Four days before the storm was supposed to hit (or not hit), I dragged myself to the nearest discount grocery retail store. I won’t name names, but the one I went to ended in **rt. You can fill in the blanks if you so choose.

I admittedly went in for supplies, but what I got was a show as well. I planned to purchase my usual “meat in a can” and “pasta in a can” emergency supplies. The canned food aisle was literally backed up down the adjacent aisle. The stock person had pallets of cans of “stuff” that people were taking right out of the boxes before they could get on the shelf. I waited patiently and grabbed my 12 cans of “stuff”.

At that point, I decided to take a look at people’s shopping carts. I must admit, it was for my own amusement and had nothing to do with the fact that I may have forgotten something that someone else’s cart reminded me of. No. This was some sort of morbid curiosity. Boy, am I glad I looked. It looked like people were shopping for at least a month of being in some sort of lock down. Carts were filled with what I deem the least nutritious foods ever made. Don’t get me wrong….There is something strangely appealing about being forced to eat out of a can, but give me a break. I am not sure how a year’s supply of Hostess products make sense here. It MAY be overkill. On the flip side, Hostess products have been known to last a lifetime, so maybe these people had a point.

The bottled water aisle was another adventure. Thankfully, I purchased collapsible camping water jugs that I planned on filling with my filtered tap water if I needed to. Sterno products? Forget it. They were nowhere to be found. Charcoal was also out of stock. I know this, because there were people cursing out the store manager as I left. Cursing over a lack of charcoal. Who would have thunk?

Well, Friends, we never got hit by the storm, and my supplies went into a box for the next warning of a storm. This time, I won’t have to shop. On the other hand, I may just go for the sheer amusement factor of it all.

Stay Healthy and Stay Safe!

Shereen Rios BAS, CPT for Focus and Form Fitness

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