Home Sabotage

Home Sabotage

OK. You have worked out for the day with your trainer, gone to work, done all of your chores, fed the kids, fed the farm animals, and achieved all that was on your “to do” list. What a day! You should feel great about yourself.

The problem is that you don’t feel so wonderful. You are not achieving the goals that you and your trainer have set for you. You are so confused. After all, you have not missed an appointment in the 12 weeks since you started your program. Maybe you should consider a new trainer that can help you meet your goals. Or…..Just PERHAPS……You are a victim of what we call:


If you can relate to the above scenario, read on. Here’s the thing. It may be tough love, but here goes. Your trainer, your nutritionist, your doctor, your hairdresser, your teacher, etc. can only do so much for you. We, unfortunately or fortunately, do not go home with you. How many times, on your way back from the gym, when you are famished, do you stop and grab something to eat that you know you shouldn’t, but hey! You just worked out. It can’t hurt, right?

Here’s another scenario for the moms out there. See if you can relate to this: You are serving dinner to your children. They are eating their chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese (or hopefully, something a bit more healthful, but let’s be realistic here). The kids, of course, don’t finish what’s on their plates. What happens to that food? Yes, you know what happens. Mom eats it. It doesn’t matter that she has just eaten her own planned meal, but she eats it anyways. What harm can a few bites here and there do?

Of course, we are not stereotyping mothers or anyone else. We are simply presenting scenarios that everyone can relate to. I am sure, if you look at your own life, you can think of many situations where you are actually sabotaging your own efforts. In order for you to be successful with your wellness program, this needs to stop. Instead of blaming others for your lack of success, take a really hard look at the behaviors you exhibit that prevent you from achieving your goals. Who is really to blame here?

Let that sink in. Not only does it make sense to your wellness program, but it corresponds to all aspects of our lives. Your professionals are here to help you achieve your goals. Home sabotage can ruin your chances of achieving them. The choice is yours.

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