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This program consists of performing aerobic activity such as walking on the treadmill, stepping on the elliptical machine and or running 3 to 5 days a week at a moderate intensity approximately 60 to 75% of your maximal heart rate between 30 to 60 minutes. Because there is a big difference between losing fat and losing body weight, you need to understand that what you really want is to reshape your body by getting rid of excess body fat and by lifting weights for muscle tone and definition. You should not worry so much about losing body weight because all the total body weight that you lose its probably not just fat and it probably is muscle mass. It is very possible that you will start to see great improvements in the fat loss process and become leaner by following these guidelines.


This program involves the use of weights and machines and calisthenics. These workouts should be done three times a week minimum, for approximately an hour. When lifting weights for muscular tone you do NOT need to lift heavy weights, however you want to increase the number of repetitions per set, generally between 15 to 20 reps. However, you want to feel some resistance during the movement to feel the tightness. With me by your side, you will learn how to exercise correctly using proper form avoiding the risk of injuries and getting results at a much shorter period of time compared to if you were to exercise without a trainer. Remember, it is NOT how much you lift, but how do you lift.


When talking about a bodybuilding program, we cannot leave behind symmetry, nutrition, cardiovascular training and supplemental enhances. It is through these steps that a perfect looking body can be achieved.  You will be trained lifting moderate to heavweights at a range of 12 to 15 reps in some cases 3 times a week for an hour minimum so that all your major body parts are trained correctly. The othethree parts of this program will be prescribed to you to be done at you owtime.


This is by far the hardest part of the program, because in my opinion almost everything that tastes good for you is bad for you and most foods that do not taste good are generally better for you. Unfortunately, most people do not care about that. Well, I have news for you. You should care. These so called “tasting good foods” can be bad for you affecting your health tremendously. They could be loaded with fat, be high in cholesterol if derived from animals, salt, sugar, sodium and again that is not desirable. So, I can give you some guidelines in how to prepare your meals what to stay away from, how to space your meals through out the day, what types of foods to eat at certain times of the day, and most importantly, what are they going to do inside your body once they are ingested and the importance of hydrating yourself with adequate fluids. This program needs to be done in conjunction with all the other exercise programs and you will be able to call your self “I’M A FIT PERSON”.


This is by far one of the best types of programs to build your stamina.
Just look how tiring boxers get when they are fighting in the ring. You can see the athlete’s really exhausting them selves by throwing punches. Well, the same will occur when we train together except this time, you will also learn how to kick, therefore, cardio-boxing can be more complete, because not only you get kick-boxing training but also teaches you how to self defend and contra-attack in a event of an aggressor coming towards you.


This is more sport specific style of training including the ability of training your body using your own body weight. This means you can learn how to use your proprioceptors that are responsible for the stretch reflex mechanisms. With this training you can also improve your balance, coordination and stability respectively. We will use certain devices (special equipment) that are necessary in order for the movement or exercise to be performed correctly.


Once you have been released by your Doctor to be engaged in an exercise program depending upon the type of the health condition that you are recovering from, a program can be designed to accelerate the recovery process and most importantly this is the type of routine that will be applicable towards your current weaknesses with the objective of bring you up to a more healthful/ normal shape.

Please remember that it is never too late to be back into shape. It is always a matter to set your mind up to do it. Consistency and discipline is the KEY. You have all the necessary tools and the convenience of having a trainer that is experienced, has knowledge and expertise to give you the best results ever.

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